One Eye (1Eye) on never ending adventure in knowing the world around him after he quit the job on a pirate ship.
1Eye have one wooden leg and he is no ordinary pirate.

I did 3 episodes in 5 days and just stop there… but here it is! Tell me what you think – Is my first comic… ever!

Any future created ones will be posted here!

Episode 1 – Finding a Treasure

1Eye the Pirate goes on treasure hunting! 🙂


Episode 2 – The Drum Stick Tree

1Eye goes on adventure to find a famous Drum Stick Tree… and he did! 🙂


Episode 3 – Becoming a Police Officer

So, 1Eye has decided to become a Policeman and this is how he’s planning to do it. All you need is a bomb, and a ploceman’s head ready to be screwed onto yourself. 🙂


Episode 4Coming soon or not 🙂

Me and 1Eye both Hope you like the first 3 episodes of our comic! 🙂

(if not – Go eat a sandwich or something. That should help) Jah love <3