The month November started with a bang with 17 sales on redbubble! Wow! Got 15 sales in 4 months before this happened. Now I have much better understanding how to make money online  with PPS sites. (*pps – Pay Per Sale). It takes time and marketing, you must get involved in things. As self thought artists i know that people are trying to make money online with all kind of methods. I walked that path, friend. Redbubble is not the only site I am selling my desings over, i also use teepublic and designbyhumans. That is my main 3 PPS sites but redbubble, have brought me, in month of November, some very nice income! I will post pictures of paypal income that is going to get to me today, December the 14th.

RB Frajtgorski

Like i said, 17 sales in first week of november. From those 17, 11 sales made from Tottenham Hotspur Collection. Winner design for this year must be the COYS Blue and gold edition. People have brought mugs, t-shirts, posters, stickers and even one clock! 😀 I am a BIG Spurs supporter myself and all of those designs i have buy for myself and my friends. I get $2 – $5 per sale but the feeling is something else! When you see that Congratulations! You made a Sale e-mail, oh boy, that fuzzy feeling. I hope december will be even better  then november! Marry Christmas and COYS!