– Hire a Freelance T Shirt Designer or do it myself?

QLT (QuickLittleTutorials) are here to help, friend.

– All the time, working as freelancer,  I get this Question from my dear clients… Why there is picture of a cat on your desktop?

The Cat is there in case i got disappointed in people so cat makes all better, haha. Cat can save you today, go like my facebook page.

Ok, the real question is: “You spent 5 hours on illustration?” Funny part is that I  tell them 5 hours because the truth is i spent 15h in total. (That would be a shock to anyone). So spend around 5 hours on every of 3 steps shown here + don’t forget to follow what to do before Step 1. After that you should have a complex ultra cool design , that you spent 5 hours on. 🙂

Back to tutorial part.

  • There is tone of good stuff on internet on how to learn to draw or do illustrations, tons of videos on youtube, so just to be sure we are on right track QLT tutorials are funny short tutorials.
  • QLT tutorials are made for fun and in case someone wants to know the STEPS that I use in creating art.
  • Maybe in future, i’ll do a more detailed steps version but not in close future. (*close future – future that is close but not, like, very soon gonna happened close.) Vasilije S.

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Image with 3 steps have my work done for RAD Threads, check it out HERE.

And yea… you will need a Wacom Tablet for this sort of hobby.

One of my favorite tutorials on youtube, in step by step —–> Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw an Astrochimp