Hi all,

One day at a time, right?

We all do it same way, hard work.

Nah… Is Smart work and Patience!


When you working on something – you must be patient! I wanted to share this with anyone that is interested in posting some designs and trying to earn a couple of bucks, RedBubble is definitely way to go! Want to buy quality stuff for less money? Redbubble is the place, i have brought couple of stickers and shirts myself. I have been there for couple of months, made “couple” of sales but i’m very happy with it in general. Why? Well, i did put, something like, 20 designs i did in a past and made 12 sales in 2 months. Somebody would say “Well that is not an awesome sale number!”. To that person I must say this: “Sir, i didn’t even share the work on social media (I will share it FIRST TIME – HERE 🙂 On this blog post!.” So  without sharing any of work or taking extra steps i have made around 40$. Is a start right? So give me a freedom of sharing my RedBubble work with you now, buy something if you like or simple follow my work. Also you can start your own idea, if you don’t know how to draw, I’m here! Ask if you have questions, stranger friend? 🙂

As promised – One and Only -FrightGore Design Official RedBubble Portfolio!